A Strange act of creation

Recording thoughts for the world to engage with is humankind’s greatest technology. Writers create new worlds, lives, and dreams. They also can destroy those same worlds, experiences, and ambitions. Taking your inner world and bringing it to light for all to see is incredibly frightening. You can expose yourself and the spirits around you to the world as well as to yourself. The thing is that right now, we have to be brave, we must write.

We must write so that we can create a brighter world. The more wyrd, creative, animistic, beautiful voices we add, the more complexity we are building, the brighter our light is shining. Our story is being told, whether we want to contribute to that story is up to us.

I’m choosing to write because I want to add my voice, my thread to the blanket of creation. Lets together weave a reality where we acknowledge magic as a force that has laws and rules like gravity, where we view each other, animals, and spirits as kin. Let’s create an ontology where we are free to love and express ourselves as we want. A world can exist where war is obsolete. That which we contribute to our collective myth creation, will resonate through our dreams, and from our dreams to our world.

We don’t have to write a guide or a manifesto. The magic comes from us just writing, from letting out what’s inside, and exposing it to light. Some writing may be the light others need to find their way. Composing is creation; words have power. From Lascaux to The Invisibles, the dead sea scrolls to Marx. All we have is what we have written down.

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